Drayage Roadblocks and Solutions

Leverage BYC's digital platform to Streamline the Drayage Process

  • Surplus of unmoved or delayed drayage containers due to a lack of truckers in the industry
  • Truckers not using GPS tracking consistently
  • End up paying more for underperforming drivers/services

Custom solutions to adversity

  • Real Time Rate
  • End to end tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Platform
visiual representation of drayage process, including: specilization in drayage, visibility, coverage, and instant rates

Short distance logistics like drayage requires immense control over shipments, trucks, drivers, and everything in between. Managing all aspects of your operations is easier said than done, especially when there’s a surplus of unmoved or delayed containers, truckers aren’t being tracked consistently, or underperforming drivers/services end up costing you more.

 Book your cargo container on truck driving way from port

From the container yard to store front, drayage fills in gaps throughout the supply chain, yet many drayage providers have to work around gaps within their own operations, leading to overspending, overworking, and ultimately lower revenue. Leverage BYC’s digital platform that:

  • Get you instant rates without flipping back and forth between multiple drayage carrier
  • Connects existing TMS with BYC’s digital platform through AP
  • Saves time, money, and resources by consolidating your operations into one centralized hub for managing all drayage needs
  • Enables real-time visibility and end-to-end tracking - never guess the state, status, or location of your shipment/cargo with GPS tracking
  • Optimizes your operations with built in reporting and business analytics tools
  • Connects you and your drivers seamlessly through push notifications, communication platforms, and more
  • BYC’s correlation value is less than 0.1% which guarantees coverage of your drayage container
Tablet with US map featuring BYC platform

Being a critical step in the supply chain is a lot to bear. Alleviate that stress with a platform like Book Your Cargo that empowers you and your drivers, enables end-to-end tracking, and provides countless resources to continue optimizing your operations.