Digital Drayage Platform: Manage and Monitor Drayage Shipments

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Digital Drayage Platform: Manage and Monitor Drayage Shipments

BookYourCargo’s digital drayage platform is the single point of truth for all trucking service requirements. Leverage this proprietary platform to get the latest and most comprehensive rate information in the trucking carrier market, optimize both internal and external processes, and gain adaptability in an ever-changing environment. From Instant Quotes to an easy to use platform, BookYourCargo provides easy access to dispatching and tracking your cargo movement - all with guaranteed superior customer service.

This cloud-based logistics management platform facilitates rate management, operational optimization, service integration, and order visibility, creating customer value and tailor-made supply chain control. Access BYC’s digital drayage platform to empower your team with:

Tablet with U.S. map
  • Cloud-based operating system to optimize the execution of each order
  • High quality proven customer service built upon flawless execution and validated by long lasting customer relationships
  • Technology to achieve visibility, integration, and efficient communication
  • Connectivity to our 24/7 extensive driver network to develop required capacity/coverage as required by our customers
  • Live prot/rail updates/intelligence to develop customer specific solutions
  • Live up to date weather watch to anticipate local/regional impact to service & price
  • Compliance management on a real time basis in support of carrier qualification process

Other Features

  •  Trucker Compliance and Safety (Automated)
  •  Online Rates
  •  Online Work Order Request
  •  Live Trucking Milestone Updates
  •  Intelligent Dashboard
  •  Proof of Delivery (Automated)
  •  Mobile App
  •  Terminal Tracking
  •  API Integration
  •  Vendor Invoice Automation & E-Payment Portal

Conquer any industry challenge with real-time insights and an intuitive transportation management platform like BookYourCargo to make the most informed drayage decisions. Book a demo or call us at 1-866-505-1127 to start simplifying your cargo movement.