Digital Drayage Platform - Digitally Elevate Your Drayage Shipment Management

Every node in the supply chain is complex and requires leveraging data and technology to make the best management decisions. Drayage is no different.

Your operations depend on agile, flexible solutions to manage day-to-day processes while also enabling you to plan for potential disruptions. Streamline manual processes like rate management, driver connectivity, and compliance management by leveraging a digital drayage platform like BookYourCargo. Implementing drayage technology will:

Streamline Manual Tasks

Drayage is notoriously costly, tedious, and generally a huge pain point for shippers. Being the final leg in most supply chains, shippers require seamless, transparent solutions.

Streamline manual and time-consuming tasks like rate shopping or load matching with a digital platform like BookYourCargo that provides the latest and most comprehensive rate information in the market. Leverage key insights to make the most informed purchasing decisions, without burning extra man hours or expenses.

Proactively Prepare You For Disruptions

Disruptions can impact the entire length of your supply chain, not just drayage. Between the current driver and fuel shortages, and the impending surge during holiday season, you need solutions that can flex to any situation. Manage, track, and strategize your drayage operations proactively with a digital drayage platform like BookYourCargo that enables you to:

  • – Receive instant quote capabilities for shippers and carriers
  • – Address industry issues created by capacity shortages and container backlogs
  • – Facilitate rate management, operational optimization, service integration, and order visibility. Creates tailor-made solutions for supply chain control.
  • – Track location in real time, an important capability for drayage carriers in this current environment
  • – Integrate third-party software platforms for fully customizable solutions
  • – Keep drayage costs predictable and under control

Increase Productivity without Increasing Costs

“Out-of-the-box” solutions rarely ever cover your specific needs. Integrating third party apps into your system can add layers of complexity and new capabilities to your operations, allowing you to customize solutions for both your customers and your internal processes.

Through API/EDI integrations, connect third party applications to the BookYourCargo platform to better service your customers, increase visibility, and stay on top of your cargo movement. The possibilities are seemingly endless - tracking technology, invoicing, and automation capabilities are just a small sample of options out there.

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