Planning Ahead - Ensure your drayage operations can handle disruptions

Vendors (trucking companies - wants to connect to customers, needs transparency, easy scheduling, driver connectivity)

Holiday peak season is already in the works. Retailers, carriers, and shippers are preparing their supply chains now to get ahead of the holiday surge. While a proactive solution to mediate the influx of cargo movement come November/December, this move will still immediately impact drayage and drivers. Plan ahead of the holiday season and get your drayage operations in order now to:

Ensure Drivers Aren’t Overwhelmed

Drivers are the backbone of supply chain as a whole, and more specifically, drayage operations. That being said, connectivity to drivers has been historically lacking. For the most part, dispatchers and drivers haven’t been able to seamlessly communicate, meaning misalignment and potential issues coordinating loads, payment, and delivery times.

Ahead of the holiday season, empower drivers with end-to-end communication and transparency. Ensure your cargo’s location and condition is always visible with a digital drayage platform like BookYourCargo.

Move Cargo Seamlessly

Manual tasks like scheduling and load matching can be incredibly time consuming, slowing down the actual delivery. Dispatchers generally burn the majority of their hours matching, billing, and managing loads, taking significant time away from higher priority tasks.

This drain on man hours is only multiplied by increased demand. Remove internal barriers to give your operations the best head start before the holiday demand. Fortify your cargo movement against any peak or disruption, no matter the time of year with BookYourCargo’s cloud-based operating system that flexes to your specific needs.

Save Costs, Time, and Resources without Disrupting Efficiency

Drayage is notoriously expensive, both for customers and drayage operators themselves. Reducing costs without disrupting efficiency is a balancing act. The current driver, fuel, and container shortages are only making this more difficult.

Leverage BookYourCargo’s digital drayage platform. Our cloud-based logistics management system facilitates rate management, operational optimization, service integration, and order visibility, creating customer value and tailor made supply chain control. Customers have complete control over their cargo movements and can easily track their cargo, in real time. BYC works with a wide spectrum of commercial retailers and customers, encompassing small, mid-size and large business entities, as well as shippers.

Contact us to learn more or book a demo today to get started optimizing your drayage solutions ahead of the holiday season.