Industry shortages are causing a Domino Effect

Shortages across the transportation and logistics industries are creating the perfect storm. All disruptions trickle down to and significantly impact drayage.

Driver shortages, chassis scarcity, and surges at the ports are creating the (im)perfect storm throughout the entire supply chain. From the ports to warehouses, all disruptions trickle down and significantly impact drayage operations. Currently, the mix of increased imports and critically tight carrier capacity has led many uncertain where, when, and how their shipments will be delivered

Shrinking Capacity - The Current Environment

Many providers in supply chain have suffered and felt the negative impact due to driver shortages. Current congestion at the ports are amplifying this issue, leading many drivers to turn in the e-commerce direction because the complications drayage exhibits aren’t worth the man hours or headaches.

It’s clear that drayage carriers are in need of a solution that’s not only tailor-made to their problems, but also their drivers.

Manage, Track, and Strategize Drayage Operations Digitally

These disruptions can and will be a decisive factor in whether or not a drayage company sinks or swims. Either they optimize their operations to better fit the needs of their drivers or they simply turn to another service. Equipped with this feedback and a deep understanding of the short, yet complex processes in drayage, Bookyourcargo has created a digital drayage platform to manage, track, and strategize your drayage operations.

Powered by AI robotics and machine learning engines, Bookyourcargo’s Digital Drayage Platform enables you to:

  • – Receive instant quote capabilities for shippers and carriers
  • – Address industry issues created by capacity shortages and container backlogs
  • – Facilitate rate management, operational optimization, service integration, and order visibility. Creates tailor-made solutions for supply chain control.
  • – Track location in real time, an important capability for drayage carriers in this current environment
  • –Integrate third-party software platforms for fully customizable solutions
  • – Keep drayage costs predictable and under control

Remove barriers to end-to-end visibility and provide predictable timelines, costs, and processes to both your team and your customers without increasing man hours burned or sacrificing efficiency.

Fully Optimize Your Drayage Experience

Drayage optimization is much more than just a software platform. Real improvements happen on the individual and driver levels and only works when the ecosystem supports the software’s capabilities. Many providers hand out an out-of-the-box platform and leave the relationship there.

Complex issues require custom-solutions. Leverage not only a digital drayage platform, but also the support of our own fleet and over 1,700 carrier partnerships to ensure when your drayage load is picked up, successful delivery is never in question. Contact us today or directly book a demo to get started.