Make timely, cost-effective, and informed decisions using BookYourCargo’s Drayage Forecast

Current supply chain disruptions have caused country-wide port congestion . Truck driver shortages, limited chassis space, and import surges only worsen this congestion. This logjam caused detention rates and demurrages to more than double since 2020.

Retailers know that proper drayage planning can determine financial success or failure. Proactive drayage planning saves retailers money and ensures timely delivery. Real-time forecasting assists retailers decrease demurrage likelihood and helps retailers streamline deliveries.

The drayage index is BookYourCargo’s internal drayage database which is used to create forecasts for average load costs and potential delays that could affect travel time. This index is an interactive tool allowing BookYourCargo’s expert team to view the current year's data and compare it to previous years to help users better plan their loads and understand market conditions. Breaking down chassis and carrier availability, overall capacity, and rate forecasts by region helps customers plan more efficiently

The Drayage Index creates regional capacity and rate forecasts using data-driven resources. Make more informed drayage decisions using real-time data that enhances current visibility and analysis capabilities.

Avoid future delays for your business and create cost-certainly utilizing BookYourCargo's Drayage forecast and projections.

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