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Don't let the unpredictable drayage market catch you off guard. Book Your Cargo's Drayage Index can help you stay on top of market conditions by tracking real-time data and metrics dating back to 2022 to produce monthly rates. This predictive tool can help you estimate average load costs and potential delays in the coming months. So if you want to stay ahead of the game and avoid unexpected delays and costs, the Drayage Index is the tool for you.

BYC's Forecast for July


Who can benefit from the Drayage Index?
The Drayage Index is a tool that can benefit a wide
range of players in the transportation industry.
From importers and exporters to carriers and
forwarders, anyone involved in drayage
transportation can benefit from this tool

Drayage delays and cost increases affect everyone in the supply chain

This includes common ocean carriers, drayage carriers, intermodal carriers, drivers, and more.

By providing real-time data and metrics, the Drayage Index helps all players stay informed and make better decisions.

What kind of industry related data is displayed?
What technology is used to create the Drayage Index?
Our customers utilize BYC’s drayage index, which relies on extensive historical data and industry-specific factors.

With access to this information through their vast network of partnerships, BYC can analyze market insights to anticipate expenses and potential delays in drayage operations providing clients with the most reliable drayage services.