Industry shortages continue to affect drayage, truck drivers, and fuel supply

Industry shortages continue to affect drayage, truck drivers, and fuel supply.

Imagine the supply chain industry as a spinal cord. Many individual discs make up a functioning spine, but when a single disc is injured or herniated, the entire spinal system feels the pain and could lose functionality. This analogy also holds true with the supply chain industry. When one part is hurting, the entire system feels the repercussions.

Covid-19 has caused supply chain shortages throughout the world. Truck drivers, which are in very high demand for employers, remain hard to find. Without the necessary truck drivers to take goods from one place to another, drayage is backed up and behind schedule. Overall, cargo shipping times have decreased as materials and goods are in low supply and high demand. This conundrum causes the price for parts to surge, creates longer waits for repairs, and adding insult to injury, container shipping companies are facing a shortage of parts and tires in addition to a shortage of drivers.

If trucks go down for any mechanical failure or flat tire, the truck will be out of service for repair until parts arrive. Obviously, this situation negatively affects revenue and presents a huge challenge to retain drivers.

On top of the existing driver shortage, fuel supply is also being affected. Fuel prices are rising and are creating challenges for drayage carriers. Equipping your team and operations with a digital drayage platform is necessary to remain proactive, competitive, and flexible in a volatile environment.

Leverage BookYourCargo’s digital drayage platform to:

  • Automate trucker compliance and safety
  • Connect to drivers directly with Live Trucking Milestone Updates
  • Increase visibility and integration capabilities
  • Develop specific customer solutions with real-time data

Despite all of the disruptions in the supply chain industry, cargo shipping companies are being vigilant in strengthening efficiency and maintaining productivity. Book Your Cargo streamlines the drayage process by providing technologically based solutions. Contact us today to request a demo.