BookYourCargo’s Drayage Index Forecasting

The Drayage Index

What is the Drayage Index?

The Drayage Index is BookYourCargo’s analytical tool which assists in predicting average load costs and potential delays in the coming months for drayage transportation. The index tracks data and metrics from BookYourCargo customers and partners in real-time to produce monthly rates dating back to 2016. This data can be utilized by users to better plan loads and understand market conditions for shippers, forwarders, and carriers.

Importers and exporters, carriers, forwarders - the Drayage Index aims to assist the entire industry.

Common ocean carriers, common carriers, drayage carriers, intermodal carriers, drivers, and many others affected by drayage delays and cost increases will benefit from this data.

What kinds of cargo/port/transportation data is displayed?

  • ● Drayage Rates
  • ● Port anchorage
  • ● Capacity forecast
  • ● Availability per region forecast
  • ● Chassis availability
  • ● Rate trends forecast

What technology is used to create the Drayage Index?

The Drayage Index is a data-driven tool utilizing multiple years of data and an assortment of drayage industry factors available to the BYC expert team through their partners and relationships. Comparing this yearly data with other market insights that can potentially affect drayage helps BookYourCargo to predict future expected costs and delays. This data is put in an easy-to-understand format for users.

Drayage technology produces data containing availability related to trucking and transportation availability. Container cargo entering ports ready to be picked up by trucking companies.

Download this month’s Drayage Index Forecast

Container cargo entering ports ready to be picked up by trucking companies.