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Nationwide Drayage Service

We provide service to over 41,550 zip codes in the US and Canada. Additionally, we have established partnerships with more than 2,500 trucking companies.

Automated Port/Rail Tracking & Tracing

Complete visibility into container loading and unloading, customs clearance, and delivery for your cargo, so that you can make informed decisions on your supply chain.

Proactive Planning & Pricing

Optimizing your container transportation by identifying the most efficient routes and carriers, minimizing transportation costs and improving supply chain performance

24x7 Automated Carrier Compliance Check

State of the art DOT authority status, Insurance Requirements and Carrier Safety Ratings so that you have nothing to worry about. Since 2015, and 200,000+ loads later, not one has been dispatched to a non-compliant carrier.

Live Container Milestones Updates

Providing real-time information on the location and status of containers during transport, allowing you to track your cargo movement so that you always know where your cargo is.

Customizable Intelligent Dashboard

Our in-house TMS allows you to monitor and manage your cargo operations from a single, user-friendly platform with a customizable dashboard tailored to your unique business needs.

White Glove Service

With 24/7 customer support, personalized attention to your needs, fast response times, and quick turnaround times, we offer customer service to build long-term relationships.

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Whether you're shipping delicate equipment, oversized cargo, or
time-sensitive goods, we can help you find the right solution.

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for businesses of all shapes and sizes

We're giving you the tools and freedom to build what you need.

Artificial Intelligence

GPS Driver Tracking


Machine Learning

Electronic Documents

EDI & API Integration

for businesses of all shapes and sizes

We're giving you the tools and freedom to build what you need.

Artificial Intelligence

GPS Driver Tracking


Machine Learning

Electronic Documents

EDI & API Integration

Drayage Rate Matrix 2.0

Experience AI-driven precision Introducing Rate Matrix 2.0

Introducing Book Your Cargo's Revolutionary Rate Matrix 2.0: AI-Powered, Real-Time, and Hyper-Accurate

At Book Your Cargo, we are always working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop technologies that streamline your logistics process. We are excited to announce the launch of our new Rate Matrix 2.0. The aim? To provide our clients with spot market rates anywhere, at any time, with unprecedented accuracy.

Harnessing the Power of AI and Machine Learning

Rate Matrix 2.0 is far more than an upgrade to our existing rate system; it is a paradigm shift in how we approach pricing logistics. The new system utilizes the power of AI and machine learning, combined with historical rate data and live data feeds from our existing partners across the nation.

This powerful synthesis of technologies allows us to provide real-time, accurate pricing, reflective of the current market environment. More than just looking at numbers, the AI system understands and interprets the data, mirroring the decision-making process of seasoned logistics experts.

Responsive to Changes in the Market Environment

Rate Matrix 2.0 is designed to be highly responsive to real-time changes in the logistics landscape. For instance, if rates start to increase in the Savannah or the Gulf Coast Region, our system will automatically adapt to these changes.

The result is a rate matrix that not only reflects the national averages but also gives a pinpoint accurate rate based on the current market climate at your specific location. Our system is continuously being fed with data from our truckers on the ground, ensuring the matrix remains updated with the latest changes on the ground.

Seamless Access and Integration

For our existing customers, accessing the new Rate Matrix 2.0 is a breeze. Simply use your existing login credentials to access the system. If you are not yet a customer, setting up an account is straightforward, and once done, you'll gain immediate access to our AI-powered rates.

Our promise is that when a customer conducts a search in our system, they are presented with the most accurate prices, which are not just estimates but figures based on real-time, ground-truth data.

Book Your Cargo's Rate Matrix 2.0 is more than just a rate tool - it's a powerful testament to our commitment to leading the charge in logistics technology and providing our customers with the best service possible.

Experience the difference today. Register as a customer and explore how Rate Matrix 2.0 can transform your logistics process.

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